Friday, January 24, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce- Day 24: Fridays are really long days

I miss Mom a lot on Fridays. She leaves for work and doesn't come home to see me until after bowling. Some Fridays that's almost ten o'clock. That's past my bedtime. 

Dad takes good care of me on Fridays. We go outside a couple of times a day and walk. If it's not freezing cold, he throws a ball for me. He doesn't throw it very hard, or far, because he doesn't want me to get excited and put a lot of pressure on my bad leg. But every once in awhile he'll treat me to a really good throw. Mom raises her eyebrow over it, but we do it. 

Mom has been bowling all her life. She really enjoys it although she says she was better at it when she was younger. 

I like to bowl, too! Mom gave me an old plastic bowling ball and sometimes I get to roll it all over the yard. It's great fun! Then I let it roll to the bottom of the yard and Mom has to carry it back up the hill for me. No way can I pick it up and carry it. 

I can see why Mom thinks bowling is fun. It's a challenge and we all need those from time-to-time. 

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