Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce: Day 22 - I didn't get nearly enough of it

When I was just a little guy, Mom told me it was good to be the dog. I didn't understand until I got older and my hand to mouth coordination kicked it. It IS good to be the dog. I open my chops and Mom tosses food into my mouth! 

I never miss.

Dad can cook. Last Monday he made a batch of Sloppy Joe's and there was enough left for dinner tonight. To top it off, Dad is learning to make bread and he made fancy rolls. Everything smelled so good, and I know from two days ago the Sloppy Joe's are dee-lish! Suppertime is a good time to be me!

Usually, I get a fair cut of supper. Mom gives me a bite to start, and then Dad gives me a bite to finish. It's a good system when we're having something that is puppy-friendly. 

Mom. Dad. Sloppy Joe's are puppy-friendly. How come I only got one teeny-tiny bite from each of you??? Something ain't right. Look at my face. I know I got cheated.

You guys had better 'splain yourselves. 

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