Monday, January 27, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce: Day 27 - Ride to the landfill - Yea!!

Mom and Dad came through! 

Every so often we have to load up the Silverado and make a run to the landfill. Today was the day, and I got to ride along!

I sit behind Mom in the pickup and she twisted around to take my picture. It's not very good but at least I don't have red or glowing eyeballs. 

Riding in the truck is pretty cool. I can lie down or sit up and watch out the windows. Mom scratches behind my ears a lot and talks to me. It's fun to sit and look out the windshield, too. When we get to the dump, Dad puts the window down so I can see all the other dogs. Apparently riding to the landfill is a big thing. Dogs can't get out of the trucks, though. We can only watch and sometimes bark back and forth with each other. I'm pretty good. I know if I got too loud, Dad would close the window so I keep quiet for the most part. 

After Mom tossed all the junk off, we went to McDonald's and I got a regular Egg McMuffin. I love, love, love Egg McMuffins! I can eat the whole thing! It's on my approved people food list. Eggs, ham, cheese, and bread. Mom breaks it up into small pieces and feeds it to me a bite at a time so I get to enjoy it.  

I hate to say this, but I'd enjoy it just as much if she'd just tossed me the whole thing. She means well.

After we got home, Mom took a shower and then they left me again. Can you believe that? Three days in row. They were only gone a really short time. Mom had some quick errand to run and I did need a nap after my excellent breakfast. I bet it will be summertime before I get another Egg McMuffin. Mom and Dad really dole out the best stuff. 

I guess things will get back to normal tomorrow. It'll be just me and Dad while Mom's at work. I'll be working, too, keeping an eye on Dad. That's my job.

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