Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 16 - When Mom Gets Home

The best part of the day, Tuesday through Friday, is when Mom gets home. I think I like that time almost as much as I like dinnertime. It's hard to decide. But I digress...

Me and Dad can hear Mom's car coming. Well, I can hear it. Dad doesn't always because of the television, or he's napping, but I have good ears. And lungs. I bark to let Dad know she's on the way. He usually lets me out the door so I can run out to greet her. 

It's the same almost every day. Mom opens the car door and I stick my head inside. I'd jump in but the steering wheel is in my way. That makes me sad because I like Mom's car. It's fun to ride in but she doesn't let me inside her car very often.

Anyway, today Mom surprised me by snapping a picture. She said she was going to tell the world how I block her exit. I thought she was kidding, but here we are. 

Get over it, Mom. I'm not going to stop doing it. Why don't you open the passenger door for me, huh? Then I could jump in the car with you. 


My paws are not dirty!!

Al least, not very dirty.......

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