Saturday, January 25, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 25 - I'm not a happy dog

I didn't have a good Saturday. First off, it was raining so I started the day off getting wet. Mom cheated and didn't go off the patio with me. And to make matters worse, she and Dad left me alone for four hours today. Four hours! 

Okay, they were working at Grandma's house and meeting with someone called a realtor. That meant I couldn't go along. I do pretty good on my own for a while, like four hours. Mom won't leave me alone any longer than that. And I have my choice of spots for a nap. The couch (Mom puts an old sheet over it for me), two chairs, the big bed. Mom makes sure I have lots of water and food when she has to leave me home, too. 

Being in charge for a little while is fine but I like it better when the pack is together. When Mom and Dad got home, we all went for a walk even though it was drizzling rain. We didn't mind it at all. We were together again. 

We all settled down after that and had chili for dinner. Chili is good. Mom doesn't put onions in the chili so I can have a spoonful. I tried to coax Mom into putting dog food in my hex, but she stared me down and told me to 'puppy-up' and eat from my bowl. I'm being stubborn. 

For not doing much today, I sure am tuckered. It's getting late and I'm going to bed without Mom. She can finish today's blog without me. 

Maybe we'll get sunshine tomorrow and I can recharge my batteries.

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