Saturday, January 11, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 11 - Yea! Saturday!

breakfast in my Kong hex toy
Saturdays are pretty cool. My pack is together and I like that. Yes, even having Loki sleeping on the sofa as me, Mom, and Dad work through our Saturday morning routine is...acceptable. 

Mom always gets up first. She finds her slippers, not that they're lost because I don't move them, I swear, and then she takes me outside. I like it she always steps out with me, even in the rain. I have her trained that way. Then me and Mom go to her office until Dad gets up.

Once Dad is out of bed, we go to the living room with him. I get some chow in my hex while they have something called coffee. I think they're addicted to the stuff because they won't leave it be. 

After coffee, Dad watches the television if it's cold outside. If it's warm, he goes to the shed to putter around. Hot, cold, or in between, all bets are off as to which way Mom goes. Mom carries the weight around here. She does soooooooo many things. I stay with her if she goes outside or to her office, but if she's doing inside chores, I stay close to Dad. It's safer there. It doesn't go well for me if Mom trips over me. She can yell really loud if I lay down behind her feet without telling her. 

I won't make THAT mistake again. 

So here it is this Saturday morning. Dad just got up so now me and Mom will go find out what the plan for the day is. Mom told me she wants to go check on Grandma's house so maybe I'll get to go for a ride. That would be really cool. 

I'm Deuce, and I like Saturdays!

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