Sunday, January 19, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce: Day 19 did not go as planned

The day started out really fun! Mom was up and dressed early. We went outside so she could check the weather. We went over to the brush pile and Mom lit a piece of starter stick to test the wind. It was a "no go." There was too much wind to burn even though the ground was covered with sleet and really frozen. And I mean frozen, too. It was slippery under my paws.

While we were outside, Loki started to stalk me. Mom wants me to play nice with that skanky cat so I tried. But he attacked me like he always does. I chased him up on the porch but I didn't try very hard to catch him. He wanted me to chase him so Mom said I wasn't being bad. She can tell when he instigates crap. 

Anyway, since we couldn't burn, Mom said we should bake cookies. That sounded like a really good idea to me. We made regular sugar cookies and then sugar cookies with lemon juice and zest added. Me and Dad don't like those all that much but Mom loves them. After baking cookies, we watched tv for a little while and then it was time for supper.

Mom had supper on the stove and then things went sideways. The electricity went out. Mom went outside to start the generator, but Dad didn't have much gasoline in it. This didn't make anyone very happy. Dad doesn't like Mom to play with his toys but Mom knows what she's doing. 

Once the generator was started it was too late for the rigatoni. It was a mushy, soggy mess and Mom didn't like it. I think Dad knew better than to say anything. I found a spot and parked my butt out of the way for the duration. I think this made me smarter than Dad. 

The power finally came back on and Mom had to stop the generator and flip the switches back. I don't think Dad tried to find out what happened and Mom doesn't really care. All she cares about is that making sure the gas cans are full is just one more thing she has to take care of now. 

So the day didn't go as planned at all. It's okay. We stayed warm and we had food even if it was mushy. Tomorrow is another day. 

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