Sunday, January 12, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 12 - Not a good toy for me

Mom got me a new toy she thought I might like. It was a Pet Zone IQ Treat Ball. 

I broke it. I'm sorry, Mom, but a guy has to chew!

Mom's not mad at me at all. She tried to do a nice thing for me and it just didn't work out. She got the 4" size, the big one, but I could get the ball into my mouth. Not that I could swallow it, but I could get it back far enough in my jaws to bear down and crack it. 

You'd think I'd get praise for being so big and strong, but noooo. Mom snatched the ball right out of my mouth! Then she checked the ball for blood, but I didn't break it into pieces, just put a crack in it. That was enough for Mom. She took it from me. 

I guess it's okay she did that. I don't want to cut my mouth and I really don't want to swallow sharp plastic and need emergency surgery. Maybe this toy will work for little munchkin dogs who can't get a good grip on it, but it's not for big, strong, determined Labs like me. 

Since I broke it, Mom can't even return it. Well, maybe she could but she doesn't think it right to return something WE broke. If it had been broken right out of the box, she would do that. She did go to Amazon and leave a review to let other Moms and Dads what happened. 

Mom says we'll stick to the Kong toys. I've had my bouncie and hex toys since forever. I've chewed and chewed those toys and not done much damage. Is three years a long time? Maybe Mom will go find me a better toy for my birthday. It's only a few days away, you know.

Gotta go! Mom's calling me!

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