Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 14 - I'm Four!!!

Today is my fourth birthday! I know because Mom told me. She keeps track of everything about me to keep me safe, happy, and most importantly, well-fed. 

Food is good! I love food! Especially people food, but Mom watches me like a hawk whenever I get people food. Hey Mom! It's my birthday! Can I ask least have a little lick of chocolate??????

Maybe not. I got the stink-eye on that request. 

ANYWAY.... today is my birthday. Being four means I've been grown up for a while now. I know lots of stuff. Mom says I'm really smart, but I'm just me. 

We were looking at some pictures of me as I was growing to share today. I was quite a handsome lad, wasn't I?  There's a picture from my first night in my forever home, the first night I slept on the bed with Mom, and me in my orange safety vest. Mom says that's one of her all-time favorite pictures of me. We had a lot of fun on our walk that day. 

I'm not sure what being four will be like, but as long as I'm still in the pack and we're all looking out for each other, it will be a good year. 

Now... where is my birthday cake?

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