Monday, January 13, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 13 - My book cover

I told Mom if she was doing thirty days of ME, she had to make sure she shared my book cover again. That's right. I, Deuce, posed for a book cover. And not only that, Mom patterned the hero of the book after me, with a little bit of my older brother, Jett, thrown in. 

I never got to know Jett, he passed on a long time ago, but Mom says I look just like him except I'm a good bit taller and leaner. There are two body types for Labs and he was more of the other one. Mom likes mine better, though. 

Mom makes book covers for a lot of people. She doesn't take the credit because it's not her main thing. She tells people that instead of paying her, to donate money to a charity. Once they send her the receipt, she sends the cover. Mom only does this with a couple of writers she knows really well. 

I keep Mom company in her office when she's working on book stuff. I'm Deuce! It's what I do. I think Mom's cover with me on it was a big success. Maybe she'll do another one, someday. 

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