Friday, January 17, 2020

Thirty Days of Deuce - Day 17 - Devil Dog Eyes

Mom and I go for at least a short walk every day. Even when it rains, Mom will go outside with me. We have different walking styles. I look down and Mom looks up. We compliment each other. 

I smell everything. I don't think Mom can smell at all unless it's something really stinky like a skunk. 

Mom looks at the sky all the time. She says, "red sky at morn, sailors be warned, red sky at night, sailor's delight." I'm not sure what that means. I'm not too interested in the weather. Every day brings what it brings. We dogs know to just roll with it. 

Mom was telling me how great it was to have a clear blue sky this time of year. She looked up and saw the moon through the trees and took a picture (because of course she did). Then she took a picture of me watching her. Then she laughed and said I looked like a devil dog. 

I think I'm insulted. My eyes aren't glowing that much! 

You should see what happens to my eyes when she takes my picture inside the house and the flash goes off. My eyes really do glow! 

It's okay that Mom jokes with me. We like to have fun. Some day I might surprise her and howl at that moon. I wonder what she'd have to say about that?

And see? Even after snacking on turkey pot pie this week, I'm svelte.  With muscles.  And dirty paws. 

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